Weather Praia da Rocha long-term weather forecast

Monday, Dec 4
17 / 10°C
8.4 mm image/svg+xml 15 km/h
sunrise 7:35 am
sunset 5:17 pm

Interactive map weather Portugal

Flag Portugal
GPS: 37.1175; -8.5370
altitude: 10 m
local time:
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Weather forecast Praia da Rocha, Portugal extended forecast


Praia da Rocha, Portugal - information

State: Portugal
GPS coordinates: 37.1175; -8.5370
Time zone: Europe / Lisbon time difference in hours with time in US is -1 hours

Altitude: 10 m
The administrative part:
  • Distrito de Faro, Faro

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Weather Praia da Rocha, Portugal. Weather forecast Praia da Rocha.

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Weather forecast for Praia da Rocha is supplied by MET Norway Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK.

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Astronomical information Praia da Rocha

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Sun and light

 Dec. 9, 2023 
Sunrise: Sunset: 
7:35 am 5:17 pm
Noon: Length of day: 
12:26 pm09:41
Start of civil twilight*: End of civil twilight*: 
7:05 am5:46 pm
Start of nautical twilight*: End of nautical twilight*: 
6:34 am6:18 pm
Start of astronomical twilight*:  End of astronomical twilight*: 
6:02 am6:49 pm
* What is Twilight?

Moon and moon phases

Moonrise: Moonset: 
12/09/2023 3:52 am 12/09/2023 2:49 pm
Next new moon: Next full moon: 

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